About Us

A Human Bridge Between Businesses & Consumers that Goes Beyond Tech.

The good old days of credible reviews and genuine referrals are back.

Simply put, EthicalPro is bridge. It's a connector between businesses and consumers that relies on a timeless, fundamental business practice: word of mouth advertising.

Consumers and business owners alike know that nothing competes with solid, credible referrals from happy customers. EthicalPro allows service professionals to create a profile and describe what they have to offer.

From there, consumers drive the discussion, providing referrals and reviews of EthicalPro's members. However, EthicalPro is not simply a compilation of area service professionals. Each of EthicalPro's service professionals must sign a code of ethics ensuring they deliver exceptional experiences to clients.

Consumers using EthicalPro are assured an easy way to find anything from a plumber to an electrician, a medical professional to a financial advisor, a Web designer to a dry cleaner and they can do so confidently, knowing that each provider listed here has promised to conduct business fairly and ethically with an expectation of exceptional service, certainty and trust.

Additionally, each review submitted about a business is vetted and documented, ensuring that EthicalPro is free of gratuitous negativity, such as undocumented proof of a bad experience with the listed professional.

More than simply providing a connection, at EthicalPro our desire is to connect consumers and service professionals in a meaningful way that allows both to achieve their goals. For consumers that means getting "value you can trust and solution you desire." For EthicalPro professionals that means finding "consumers who reward good behavior by referring friends and family."

In keeping up our end of the ethical bargain at EthicalPro, it's important for us to assure you that we respect your privacy online. We hate spam, too, and we will never sell your information to anyone.

Created by Ethical Professionals for Ethical Businesses:

EthicalPro is owned and operated by Philip Bennett in Boise, Idaho. As a small business owner since 1998, Philip, has first-hand experience that success depends heavily on trust. However, many consumers trust blindly in service professionals who operate unethically. EthicalPro sets a standard for trust and integrity in our local community, thereby providing more transparency for consumers and a solid way for businesses to market their ethical standards.

EthicalPro Unite is a community give-back program that allows service professionals to donate their services to those in need.

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